Siblings {January} 2014

I have no problem with taking pictures of the boys together… in fact probably 60% of my pictures are of the boys playing, holding hands or cuddling. I love those pictures and I hope the boys will love them as they grow older, beautiful memories of their early friendship.

This year is different though, just before Christmas my camera broke. It still isn’t fixed. I knew I would be taking a lot less photos this year until I get it fixed somehow. It’s actually one of the reasons this blog has been quieter than usual lately. I hate taking pictures with my phone. I’m not a camera snob – in fact it’s the opposite. I’m awful at taking photos. Using my actual camera gives me control – I can change the settings, fiddle and play until the image looks somewhat decent. On my phone however, it’s a different matter entirely. No matter how hard I try I just cannot get nice pictures on my phone. I actually blame the phone itself – I used to have an iphone 5 and took some lovely pictures – they were sharp, clear and crisp. Every picture I take with this phone seems to be fuzzy. Even if I shoot in the best natural light with a tripod I cannot get a clear, focused picture! Argh.

So when I saw this new siblings project a group of bloggers were doing this year I knew I had to join! I want to keep up the pictures I have with my boys, camera or not – and this will give me the motivation (I hope!).

Siblings photography

So here we go – January, pajama day. A day spent building dens with towels, drawing and cuddling on the sofa. My favourite kinda days :)

Now, if you’re reading this please go and check out some of the other (Stunning! Beautiful! Cute!) siblings photos for January… click below :)


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  1. says

    Ahhh, this photo is so sweet. I love how relaxed they are together, thats kind of siblings all over isn’t it, they just sort of ARE!
    So glad you’ve decided to join the challenge. x